Compaction For Stable Slopes


The boom in compact construction equipment has opened up a whole range of new
considerations and options to consider in specifying equipment for the job. The use of these
new compact equipment & attachments for the right tasks can boost productivity over
previous approaches without buying complete equipment in itself which might not be as
effective as required for the desired output. Gone are be the days where equipment
selection was based on what’s available at site to do the job versus the proper equipment
required for the job. Tackling tasks without proper equipment can result in low productivity,
higher cost, and increased repairs, maintenance and downtime.

Keeping this in mind, Ajashy Engineering Sales is always focused on new ideas and
innovation and has come out with many products, which are well accepted in industry. One of
such products being Slope Compactor Roller & with it get ready to tackle uneven terrain over
slope. It is the ideal attachment for slope compaction, landscaping and paving operations. Its
ease as an plug & play attachment to Excavator, Skid steer, Backhoe Loader delivers faster
results in fewer passes.

The conventional soil compactor rollers fail on slopes and cannot be used as they are unable
to climb the gradient. They are also ineffective in constrained area where roller cannot move.
Oscillation of the drum allows the roller to compact the surface like any conventional
Compactor but offering more precise control when operating on slopes.. The uniqueness of
our design is length of rollers due to which more area is covered in single pass reducing the
compaction time & increasing the productivity. The selection of compaction equipment
depends upon the nature of the job, volume, distance, method of disposal, and time assigned,
volume and depth of soil to be compacted, type of soil, loads on compacted surface, etc. .
Depending on the jobsite customers can choose between a Smooth or Pad foot drum. Our

Slope Compactor Rollers are working with number of customers in Infrastructure sector and
are very well appreciated for performance and reliability of machine.
The success of our Slope Compactor makes us believe that innovations towards right
directions will build their own success stories & we as an organization thrive towards it to
make standard equipment available at all sites more versatile to be used for varied other
construction activities for which there should be no need to purchase another equipment
which might stand idle after small requirement of desired work.