Ajashy Weldlight is a 6.5 m/ 9 m lighting mast fitted with 1 Nos. 400 amps welding head powered with a 15 kva or 25 kva diesel power generating system. The welding head is enclosed in the CPCB II compliant silent canopy and welding output as well as auxiliary output are available at systematically designed panel. The panel has the provision of deriving welding output, welding remote and auxiliary output which can be used while lights are on and welding is being done. A change over switch facilitates the lighting mast and welding operations to cease and the complete unit can be used as a conventional 15 or 25 Kva, 3 Phase diesel power generator. The system is mounted on a sturdy trolley with 2 wheels with leaf springs and 6 outriggers. The Weldlight can be towed on roads and ROWs and withstand high wind speeds while deployed.


  • Lighting Mast with multiple options of LED flood lights.
  • 6.5 m / 9.0 m mast height options
  • 15 Kva or 25 Kva output