Mobile Service and Maintenance Van


Mobile Service Van is a multipurpose vehicle used for maintenance and repair of construction and mining equipment at site. It gives the benefit of on-site repairs/maintenance without wasting any time to bring the equipment or vehicles to workshop. The Service van is fully equipped with oil dispensing system, tools, small equipment and other utilities such as oil pumps, grease pump, air compressor, grinding machine, drilling machine, welding machine, washing pump, cutting set, lights etc. As power is generated using a PTO driven hydraulic generator it does not require any external electrical supply or compressed air to run various service related tools and equipment.

Salient Features

  1. Innovative PTO Driven Hydraulic Generator which replaces conventional diesel generator saving space, capital and operational costs and felicitates cleans hazard free cabin.
  2. Ergonomic open type cabin design for better ventilation, good visibility and easy access for replenishing/ replacing entities.
  3. Separate storage space for fresh and used lubricants, tools, spares and filters.
  4. Digital lube oil dispensing guns to keep record of usage.
  5. Embossed tool trays for ease of operation and visual control.
  6. Pneumatic line running across the cabin with 1 pneumatic pillar each at 4 corners.
  7. Collapsible jib and Floor rail with trolley for loading and movement of assemblies within the van.
  8. Working bench for small repairs.
  9. Waste oil transfer and storage tanks.
  10. Inbuilt water tank for storage of water for pressurized cleaning of equipment.
  11. Modular magnetic base rechargeable  LED lights for working at night.
  12. Complete tooling and equipment of reputed International and Indian brands.