Fuel POD

Fuel POD

Fuel POD are designed to provide safe long term fuel storage solutions which can be mobilised with ease and save re-fuelling time and money. These are ideal for the sites which have low fuel requirements or for emergency fuel usage. With a dual powered (battery and direct AC input) onboard metering system, dispensed fuel gets measured & recorded making these tankers the best solution for any industry.

These can be shifted to any desired location on small pickup trucks etc.


  1. Tyre mounted chassis with leaf springs, towing hook and outriggers
  2. Auto Retractable hose reel
  3. Smart Fuel System with RFID tags


  • 750 L / 950 L Capacity
  • Unique compact modular design with smash protection, lifting lugs and fork lift pockets
  • Emergency vent & pressure vacuum valves
  • Hose Reel with Dispensing Nozzle
  • IS specified 9 kg DCP fire extinguisher
  • Pilferage proof
  • Manhole provision for cleaning
  • OTP enabled protection
  • Real time data on MOB FOMS portal
  • Possible Integration to BRP
  • Provision for power backup for emergency use