Bear Cage


Bear Cage is used to clamp & align two pipe sections of identical diameters, in order to weld them together in sub sea conditions. It can be used in vertical or horizontal direction as per the requirement. This is mid tie in joint. It is operated with the support of Hydraulic Power Pack & Hose Reel. The pipes of various sizes can be handles starting from 6″ dia to 60″ dia


  • Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Hose Reels
  • Pipe Anchor Frame


  • Single Clamp can be used upto 3 pipe sizes
  • Safety Valve for non clease of clamp due to pressure release/leakage
  • Easy Clamping through hydraulic mechanism
  • Weld Gap adjustments through hydraulic mechanisms
  • Clamping, Line up & final weld of two pipes ends between landfall & sea pipeline