Lighting Mast


Lighting Mast is a movable lighting source that is powered by a diesel engine. The lights are mounted on a mast that can be folded and stowed. The output light is derived using LED lights which are cost-effective, energy-efficient, have a longer lifetime, and are environment friendly. These can be used at construction sites, infrastructure projects, airports, play-fields, schools, public functions, and at any other site where illumination is required.


  1. Efficient and high performance 120 Watt / 250 Watt/ 400 Watt x 4 IP 65 LED lights with longer service life
  2. Compact and high performance 11.5 HP Eicher TMTL Engine
  3. CPCB – II approved solid silent canopy
  4. 4 section 6.5 m galvanized iron mast with 350-degree rotation
  5. Power points to tap power for auxiliary use
  6. Tyre mounted chassis with leaf springs and towing hook.
  7. Towing speed upto 40 km/ hr Compact design with lifting hook for easy transportation
  8. Multi-display control panel