Umbilical Reel Drives


Umbilical Reel Drives are used for spooling and unspooling of rigid and flexible pipes, umbilicals, risers and other products for offshore applications stored on reels.  Our reel drive units consist of two towers, one being the drive tower & other being the idle tower which can be separately transported facilitating ease of transportation. The drive tower gets the driving power from the electrical or hydraulic motor.


  • Engine or Hydraulic Driven
  • Electrical or Hydraulic Motor drive
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) panels in electrical models for precisely controlled RPMs


Capacity : Upto 100 T
Rotation : Bi-Directional
Rotary Drive : SS 304, SS 316 Stainless Steel
Hydraulic Motor : Rexroth/ Bosch
Electrical Motor : Kirloskar/ ABB/ Crompton Greaves/ Havells
Gearbox : Elecon/ Omega
VFD : ABB/ Yaskawa