Procurement means adding value in optimum cost

India has always been a cost sensitive market where the product quality matters but the price too is critical in finalisation of procurement, according to Adityajay Khajuria, Director, Ajashy Engineering Sales Pvt Ltd.

Change in project procurement
Since the infrastructure sector has seen challenging times in the recent past, general approach to procurement has become quite conservative, despite the market being up and strong. For capital purchases, the emphasis has shifted to hiring rather than owning equipment for which balance between ‘owning and rental cost’ is ignored sometimes. Also, equipment are being procured in project cost rather than as assets to lower the risks of negative impact related to a project on the complete organisation.

Value-oriented projects
All the products being sold by Ajashy Engineering are value-oriented projects. For example, the company is a leading supplier of mobile service van which is not a product without which a project cannot be executed but is still sold in healthy numbers as it effects the overall project progress by improving the equipment fleet availability to the project. Similarly, lighting masts facilitate the feasibility of working at the night with the same pace as during day light, almost doubling the project pace.

Latest offering
The six-year old company has few firsts in its name and it aims to continue following the tradition. The emphasis next will be on enhanced options of mobile repairs and maintenance, embedment of solar energy in construction equipment and attachments which will enable users to use same machine for multiple applications. The same will be witnessed in the company’s future product launches in upcoming expos.

Making procurement effective
The meaning of the word procurement goes beyond buying. It’s about understanding the amount of value that can be brought to the organisation and to the society in whole while keeping the costs optimum. The new launches will translate just to that. The company with its products will provide cost-effective solutions to its customers which would not trim project costs alone but also would be greener than ever.

Leveraging government initiatives
Make in India in its true sense was launched to attract manufacturers outside the country to start manufacturing in India. But, soon it was translated by local manufacturers into a mission to make quality and be cost competitive in the country only. This has empowered the purchasers to have the option of buying at optimum costs, to be able to set standards and specifications as per their customised requirements, cut short on inventory due to short lead times. The initiative has provided as positive environment for the industry which takes pride in competing with leading foreign manufacturers and making the project ecosystem self-reliant.

Make in India has provided positive environment that helps in competing with foreign manufacturers and making project ecosystem self-reliant.