Solar Lighting Mast

Solar Lighting Mast is a mobile lighting source designed to be an environmentally sustainable solution without sacrificing performance. With zero CO2 emissions, it is one of the cleanest lighting solutions. The energy is harnessed by hydraulically adjustable efficient solar panels coupled with an intelligent management system. The output is derived using cost effective and energy efficient led flood lights mounted on a mast which can be hydraulically lowered.
These can be used at construction sites, infrastructure projects, airports, hospitals, rescue sites, playfields, schools, public functions and at any other site where illumination is required.


  1. Mast of 9 m height
  2. Higher capacity lights
  3. GPS Enabled remote management system


• 3 x 535 W retractable solar panels to maintain a compact design & maximizing surface area.
• CTC (Calibrated Tilt Control) mechanism for panels to get maximum charge based on Sun positioning and geographical location
• Multiple section 7 m/ 9 m hydraulically operated mast with 360 degree rotation
• Triple Zero Advantage : Zero Emissions – Zero Noise – Zero Maintenance
• All year round reliable performance for consistent longer operational hours with limited charging