TAFE Power – Thailand

” Ajashy Engineering Sales Pvt. Ltd., acting as export dealer, represents Tafe Motors and Tractors Limited  for Thailand through its overseas dealer Renewsys for the Sales and Service of TAFE’s range of Diesel Generators, Engines and related equipment. “

Diesel Generators

Known for quality, technology and reliability, the Diesel Generators from TAFE POWER have low operational expenses, high fuel efficiency and higher value offering at an affordable price. Our generators are safe, highly customizable and can be built based on the application and customer requirements. TMTL is one of the fastest growing businesses in the Indian industry, with a dominant market share in the telecom segment.

The generator range from 5-125 kVA. The air-cooled range comprises 5-35 kVA and the liquid-cooled range comprises 30-125 kVA generators.


The Engines from TAFE Power has its origin in German engineering and technology. The engines are used as prime movers for various applications such as tractors, power generators, agro industries, marine, front loader, bitumen sprayer, fire fighting pumps, water pumps, compressors, mud pump, water drill rig etc.

The engines range from 12-160 hp. The air-cooled range comprises 12-66 hp and the liquid-cooled range comprises 57-160 hp engines. All the engines above 48 hp are turbocharged, along with after-cooler from 60 hp and above.

Superior build quality, ruggedness and robustness make TAFE POWER engines the first choice for use in the harshest of climates, as they work without any noticeable deration in extreme temperatures.

Renewsys Ltd., a Saraff Global Group Company, is conceived to bring engineering based products to Thailand through their strategic global tie ups. With a vision of becoming leading trade representative in the region, backed by rich values and strong presence of Saraff Group, Renewsys is growing its footprint across Thailand.

“Following the TAFE moto of #BringItOn, both Ajashy and Renewsys are committed to make TAFE Power a well-known name in Thailand in various sectors.”