Ajashy Weldstar is hybrid equipment that can be used as a Double/ Single Holder Diesel Welding Machine and also as a diesel power generating system. The welding output with controls is available at a systematically designed panel. A change over switch facilitates the welding operations to cease and the complete unit can be used as a conventional diesel power generator. The system is mounted on a sturdy trolley. Weldstar can be towed on roads and ROWs.


  1. Double/ Single Holder diesel welding set up
  2. 35 Kva or 15 Kva diesel power generating systems.


  • Hybrid 2-In-One system with Diesel Welding Machine and Diesel Power Generator Options.
  • Dedicated panel for welding operations with remote access with Power points to tap power for auxiliary use.
  • High performance 35.5 HP or 24.8 HP TMTL Engine CPCB – II compliant solid silent canopy.
  • Tyre mounted chassis with leaf springs and towing hook. With lifting hook for easy transportation.
  • Display for Frequency, Battery Voltage, RPM, Oil Pressure, Fuel Level, Running Hours, Alternator Voltage. Fan Belt Indicator.
  • Low oil pressure / High engine temperature indicator. Engine trips on low oil pressure/ high engine temperature