Self loading spreader PRONAR HZS-10

Self loading spreader PRONAR HZS-10 is efficient in combating snow and ice on a various surfaces. With working width adjustable from operator’s cabin this equipment allows to work on wider roads as well as footpaths with possibility to switch from one to another. Thanks to lifting cylinder HZS 10 doesn’t require an extra operator or loading vehicle in order to fill it with sand or salt.


Controls from operator’s cabin and self loading function.


Working disc made of stainless steel and the loading box is protected with hardox steel elements.


As one of very few self – loading salt spreaders on the market has spreading disc allowing for working width adjustment.


Possible work with up to 40 km/h while maintaining all the spreading properties.

Load capacity 1700  kg
Container capacity 1  m³
Spread width 2- 6  m
Mounting 3pt hitch cat II
Container width 2160  mm
Working speed 5-40  km/h
Nominal pressure hydraulic oil 16  Mpa
Nominal oil required 60 l/min
Electric power supply (from the control panel in operator’s cab) 12  V
Amount of salt spread 5 to 40  g/m²
Amount of aggregate spread 50 to 150  g/m²
Material weight adjustment Stepless, independent of the driving speed
Adjustable asymmetry variation From the control panel using electric e actuator
Tractor’s oil pump delivery rate required 60  l/min
Weight 555  kg

Dispensing system with mixer
Universal mounting frame (without fasteners for carrier)