Code: Winch002

Air Winch

Reconditioned Air Winch ready to use condition with the following description

2006 Ingersoll Rand USA FA5A Air Winch
Good Working Condition (Drum guard will be repaired)
Model: FA5A-24MK1-E
Sr. No. MW004177
Utility SWL: 4545 kg at 10 m/m at mid layer

Equipment Details:

  • Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand
  • Condition:           Used
    Year:                    2006
  • Model:                FA5A-24MK1-E
  • Serial no. :          MW004177
  • Drum Size:         324 mm Barrel Diameter
    616 mm Flange Diameter
    610 mm Length
  • Pressure:            6.3 bar
    Flow:                  19821 lpm
    Rope Diameter: 19 mm