Spreader PRONAR KCT07

Towed sand spreader Pronar KCT07 is perfectly suited for winter maintenance of roads and sidewalks in small towns and villages. It can be used wherever large salting machine cannot be used. The machine construction with a drawbar with max. 250kg pressure on the coupling allows for using the spreader with small tractors. Spreader PRONAR KCT07 can also be towed using the lower tractor beam. Small dimensions and a total weight of less than 1.5 t allow the machine to operate with small, reversible tractors and use it even on sidewalks.

Spreader PRONAR KCT07 – features:



The tank, with a capacity of 0.7m3 for sand and salt can be made of stainless steel or galvanized steel. Additional anti-corrosion protection is provided by two-component painting with chemically-hardened paints.


Additional grate over the tank for breaking up the input material


The strong plastic tarpaulin protects the material in the tray from rain and snow.


Road lighting allows you to move on public roads.


Spreader PRONAR KCT07 is equipped with a stainless spreading system powered by hydraulics or an angle gearbox from tractor’s PTO. The second option allows you to aggregate the machine to the simplest tractors without an external hydraulic system.


The spreading width is determined by the engine rpms and by means of disc shields, which also limit the scattering.


The spreading material is fed to the spreading disc using a belt driven from the spreader wheel. Thanks to this solution, the spreader does not spread material during standstill and the constant amount is maintained regardless of the speed.


max. load on the tractor coupling is 250kg.


Painted frame is made of stainless- or hot-dip galvanized steel , resistant to corrosion and negative influence of atmospheric factors.


Determines the amount of material fed to the spreading disc.


Powered from the PTO allows aggregation of the spreader to tractors without external
hydraulic installation.

Hopper capacity 1135 kg
Hopper volume 0,7 m3
Spreading width 1,5 – 4 m
Attachment method lower transport hitch
Width 1420 mm
Min. Power requirement 20 HP
Working speed 15 km/h
Recommended PTO speed 300 obr/min
Max. Working pressure 20 MPa
Oil flow 16-50 l/min
Electronic power supply (control panel in driver’s cab) 12 V
Spreading ammount (salt) 216 g/m2
Spreading ammount (sand) 265 g/m2
Spreading ammount regulation stepless, independent of driving speed
Weight 345 kg

Spreading disc hydraulic drive
Joint-telescopic shaft 510-810 mm
Joint-telescopic shaft 460-710 mm
Stainless-steel hopper
Stainless steel frame