Sweeper with collection bucket SW/SWH


Sweeper With Collection Bucket – SP/SW/SWH

  • The sweeper with collection bucket is used to clean the road, industrial or any type of surface.
  • Thanks to its great sturdiness and resistance it is particularly used by companies in charge of road maintenance.
  • It is equipped with a large capacity collection bucket, the largest on the market in its category, and this represents a great advantage in terms of saving time during use.
  • The brush roller is made up, in the standard version, of polypropylene zig-zag rings with steel core; upon request, it is possible to make the brush roller composed of 50% polypropylene rings and 50% steel rings, alternating, for heavier jobs or the presence of wet asphalt, encrusted material, etc.
  • The brush roller is adjustable in height, to allow you to use the rings down to the last centimeter and consequently have less maintenance costs.
  • The bolted and reversible cutting edge (in the SP 110 model it is welded) allows it to be reused once one side is worn.
  • The SWH version is equipped with 4 steel wheels placed on the bottom of the bucket to avoid the wear of the bucket itself.
  • On request, gravity or pressure watering kits are available, with 100L capacity tank and sprayers; in addition, the addition of a right and / or left side brush is available to collect the material even laterally, further increasing the sweeping capacity.