Leveling Grader – LG

Construction Line

Leveling grader – LG

  • The grader is ideal for making precise plans for streets, parking lots, sports facilities, squares.
  • The sturdy structure allows to have a great resistance to the shocks that inevitably occur during the leveling work. The system for absorbing the stresses received by the grader by means of a spring, unique of its kind, allows the grader to move a large amount of material for each pass without affecting the great stability that distinguishes it; thus allowing a great speed of advancement, allowing to save considerably time during the work.
  • The two sturdy front wheels are completely free and rotatable 360 ° to provide additional stability to the grader.
  • The grader is characterized by all the hydraulic movements: the translation, the inclination of the two independent sides to each other in order to perform double slopes and the rotation of the blade.
  • All movements are regulated by proportional solenoid valves that allow great precision both with manual operation and with automatic operation by means of a laser system.
  • The GF Gordini grader can be combined with all laser systems of any brand, both 2D and 3D.
  • As an option, on request, it is possible to have the manually operated side wings kit which guarantees greater versatility to the grader: side wings positioned at 90 ° or 45 ° with respect to the blade to contain the material during advancement, in a straight position to widen the blade itself.