Clamshell Grab Bucket

Clamshell bucket is designed to be attached onto an excavator or crane. The hydraulic version is generally attached with an excavator & the mechanical version are designed to be used with Cranes. Twin cylinders mounted on the outer rim of the bucket provide the required digging force. The bucket is made from Hardox plates to make them wear resistant. The inner side of the bucket has a smooth surface for easy unloading of high viscosity material such as mud and clay.

Salient Features

  1. Excellent digging performance due to good plunge behaviour and the approved shell geometry.
  2. The two vertically positioned hydraulic cylinders are protected both by their position beside the body as well as by an additional piston rod protection.
  3. Long service life is ensured through the use of Hardox 400 Steel.
  4. Bolt-on digging teeth fixed with clamshell bucket.
  5. Every pin grease-able with protected grease nipples.
  6. 360 Degree Rotating System.
  7. Ease to remove & access to Hydraulic Systems.
  8. All bushes are made of hard-wearing steel for long life.
  9. Large diameter, induction hardened pins in arms and cylinder.