Lighting for Construction

Though there are many existing players in the market, the development in the field of lighting masts had become stagnant. …

Though there are many existing players in the market, the development in the field of lighting masts had become stagnant, says Kamal Jeet Singh, Director, Ajashy Engineering

In today’s competitive world, time is as valuable as money, and thus, working at days and resting at nights have become a thing of the past. Like any other industry, the construction sector has also adapted the culture of working at nights but the challenge is bigger. While others work in confined areas, a construction site needs effective and efficient systems to light up the work sites. While many temporary lighting provisions were used in the past, the industry has realised the importance of having dedicated lighting systems called as the lighting masts or tower lights, which are essentially a power source, coupled with a mast fitted with lights.

Lighting source

While there were many existing players in the market, the development in the field of lighting masts had become stagnant, and the use of foreign-made engines and components made it enormously difficult for users to repair the lighting masts at far flung remote sites.

Thus, we conceptualised a lighting source with 100 per cent Indian made components, and we were among the firsts to introduce the LED lights instead of conventional lights. We further ventured into making an industry first Hybrid Lighting Mast.

 Key Features

Ajashy lighting masts come fitted with 11 hp diesel engine with 7.5 kva alternator. The power capacity has been chosen judicially to be good enough to provide lighting as well as facilitate the users to use auxiliary power to run small equipment, while the fuel consumption is easy on the pocket.  200 W/400 W x 4 nos LED flood lights mounted on 6.5 m or 9.5 m mast options give efficient lighting with remarkable life-cycle. CPCB-II approved canopy ensures that the lighting mast can be used everywhere without any restrictions. The sturdy trolley mounted with leaf springs gives ease of mobility in rough areas. Further, 100 per cent Indian components ensure easy serviceability, short TATs after breakdown and remarkably low repair and maintenance costs are recorded…

 Wave of the future

Realising the importance of lighting source for the project sites and keeping in view the ever-rising prices of fuel, Ajashy Engineering has been working since 2015 to come up with cost-effective hybrid solutions for lighting masts. In the same bid, we launched India’s first Hybrid Lighting Mast that used a regenerative power back up system and reduced the fuel consumption to 50 per cent as it could give a back up of four hours. We are also working towards harnessing the solar energy and using it for lighting masts. Our work on the hybrid systems will reflect in our future offerings, which will be announced soon.

With the growing tribe of lighting masts that are owned by all the major road construction and infrastructure companies, we are committed towards supplying efficient, cost-effective, environment-friendly and most advanced solutions for the lighting of sites.  While the Indian construction sector is on the growth and work is being executed on a 24 x 7 mode, though our lighting solutions are small they are the most important contributors in making non-stop work at sites a reality.

Ajashy Weldlights – The 3 in 1 Solution

As Charles Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest explains the existence of human race and other primitive forms


As Charles Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest explains the existence of human race and other primitive forms of lives, we at Ajashy Engineering also believing in changing our course as per the customer requirements, developing new products and remain supplier of choice and importance. This thought is supported by Ajashy’s strong in-house research and development team which gives freedom to pursue new ideas.

As we have already made our mark with our best-selling Ajashy Lighting Masts, our newly developed solution, Weldlight which is a hybrid between lighting mast and welding machines with added advantage of it also being used as a conventional diesel generator is proving the kind of product customers had been waiting for. Since its launch, the Ajashy Weldlights have been ordered by many prominent customers and the tribe is increasing at a healthy pace.

Ajashy Weldlight is a 6.5 m lighting mast fitted with 1 or 2 Nos. 400 amps welding heads powered with 15 kva or 30 kva diesel power generating systems correspondingly. The welding heads are enclosed in the CPCB II complaint silent canopy and welding output as well as auxiliary output are available at systematically designed panel. The panel has the provision of deriving welding output, welding remote and auxiliary output which can be used while lights are on and welding is being done. A change over switch facilitates the lighting mast and welding operations to cease and the complete unit can be used as a conventional 15 or 30 Kva, 3 Phase diesel power generator. The system is mounted on a sturdy trolley with 2 wheels with leaf springs and 6 outriggers. The Weldlight can be towed on roads and ROWs and withstand high wind speeds while deployed.

Weldlights come as a comprehensive solution to the customers who want to carry out various welding processes as sites at night. While earlier customers had to carry a lighting mast, a weldling machine and power generator to the site with requirement of a dedicated vehicle to carry power generator and welding machine, Weldlight combines all the three machines while multiple weldlights can be towed in turns by same carrier vehicle and placed at the stretch of site where they are required to be employed. While Weldlights provide extreme freedom to the customers in terms of usage and mobility, they also reduce the capital and operational costs making it an optimum solution in today’s competitive price driven market.

As Ajashy Engineering is committed to customer centric innovation, Weldlights come as another example of our engineering and design capabilities strengthening our resolve to think and innovate. With focus on quality products and proactive after sales service, we shall keep striving to come up with more such products which prove as optimum solutions and save costs for the customers.