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Attachments for equipment like backhoe loaders, skid-steers, for klifts, tele. …

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Attachments for equipment like backhoe loaders, skid-steers, for klifts, tele handlers and excavators are popular in international market for more than a decade now. The varied attachments for any kind of job are to be fitted in most common of the equipment available at  any construction location, making these attachments  a must-have at a time when everyone is looking to increase productivity at lesser costs.

The attachments   like leveling grader, swinging planer, snow blower, road sweepers, grapples, breakers, forks, compactors, augers, trenchers and many more transform different machines into multi-functional equipment giving lot of flexibility to the construction companies meeting  their  varied needs. Attachments add to the  versatility and productivity of equipment for all customer segments.

Everyone buying equipment these days is worried about ROI,  but if the investment is made on adding an attachment  to the existing equipment in fleet to make it all together  a different  equipment, the  ROI can be significantly higher than  on a machine with just a conventional bucket or fork. Attachments for equipment are boon in a dynamic market where innovation continues  to  improve the  versatility and productivity of machines. The Indian market has huge potential  for  these  attachments  and  the  awareness to  the  fleet owners is required to  make these more in Indian market.  GF Gordini is a well-known brand in Europe manufacturing these attachments for over two decades now. We enter into the market with an aim of optimum financial utilisation of the equipment not limiting it to the only use for which it was originally designed.  With backhoe loaders,  excavators, wheel loaders being increasingly used in the Indian market, the immense range of GF attachments  will make their capability endless.

The key element of the attachments is to help fleet owners save time and money by offering them the right attachment  for the right job.  This will help them save money in buying an extra equipment which is required for a limited period of time in the project & then stands idle giving poor or less ROI. A good and correct attachment can easily return 100 per cent of its cost in a year, whereas a standalone equipment may only return 25 to 30 per cent. Every customer has a different need and we enter into this line with an aim to fulfil all their needs through varied attachments in our range of supplies while we keep ourselves open for more innovations based on customer’s feedbacks and futuristic requirements making us different from other few prevailing suppliers.

Compaction For Stable Slopes

The boom in compact construction equipment has opened up a whole range of new
considerations and options to consider in…


The boom in compact construction equipment has opened up a whole range of new
considerations and options to consider in specifying equipment for the job. The use of these
new compact equipment & attachments for the right tasks can boost productivity over
previous approaches without buying complete equipment in itself which might not be as
effective as required for the desired output. Gone are be the days where equipment
selection was based on what’s available at site to do the job versus the proper equipment
required for the job. Tackling tasks without proper equipment can result in low productivity,
higher cost, and increased repairs, maintenance and downtime.

Keeping this in mind, Ajashy Engineering Sales is always focused on new ideas and
innovation and has come out with many products, which are well accepted in industry. One of
such products being Slope Compactor Roller & with it get ready to tackle uneven terrain over
slope. It is the ideal attachment for slope compaction, landscaping and paving operations. Its
ease as an plug & play attachment to Excavator, Skid steer, Backhoe Loader delivers faster
results in fewer passes.

The conventional soil compactor rollers fail on slopes and cannot be used as they are unable
to climb the gradient. They are also ineffective in constrained area where roller cannot move.
Oscillation of the drum allows the roller to compact the surface like any conventional
Compactor but offering more precise control when operating on slopes.. The uniqueness of
our design is length of rollers due to which more area is covered in single pass reducing the
compaction time & increasing the productivity. The selection of compaction equipment
depends upon the nature of the job, volume, distance, method of disposal, and time assigned,
volume and depth of soil to be compacted, type of soil, loads on compacted surface, etc. .
Depending on the jobsite customers can choose between a Smooth or Pad foot drum. Our

Slope Compactor Rollers are working with number of customers in Infrastructure sector and
are very well appreciated for performance and reliability of machine.
The success of our Slope Compactor makes us believe that innovations towards right
directions will build their own success stories & we as an organization thrive towards it to
make standard equipment available at all sites more versatile to be used for varied other
construction activities for which there should be no need to purchase another equipment
which might stand idle after small requirement of desired work.


Reliable Pre-Owned Pipeline Construction Equipment

Pipeline Construction is a dynamic industry that continues to grow and change with the changes in the crude oil prices…

Pipeline Construction

Pipeline Construction is a dynamic industry that continues to grow and change with the changes in the crude oil prices. The country has already seen a severe downtrend few years ago, leaving companies cash stripped and forcing them to quit the sector. With lot of ongoing and upcoming projects, the industry sees an upward trend but the dearth of equipment is leading to the delays in projects. The equipment required is niche, expensive and mostly imported so the fear factor of buying such expensive equipment persists which makes the pre-owned equipment market in this sector bigger than the new equipment market especially when it comes to critical equipment like Pipelayers, Pipe Benders and Boring Machines to name a few.

Image of a company is reflected by the condition of the equipment fleet it owns. While the looks matter, reliability and productivity of the equipment act as critical factors for timely project completion.  A relatively new, clean and recently painted equipment is any company’s best advertisement. If an equipment is non-presentable, emits loud noises and looks old enough to belong to the junkyard, then it doesn’t speak too highly of the organisation that owns it.  It is important to understand, that new equipment is not the only option if an organisation wants a reliable and productive equipment but option of procuring used equipment in good condition and with decent looks can also be considered. While operating construction business, it is important to invest the capital wisely. For any new site requirements buying a new equipment is the easiest thing to do, but there are times when it would make sense to invest in used equipment. Buying new equipment is an investment that can have a significant impact on company’s cash flow. Buying new may mean placing an order and waiting for equipment to get delivered. While there is the advantage of taking delivery of a new machine but a possible lag time might delay the project as well. However, one can purchase quality used equipment and at much lower costs.

There are a number of benefits in buying pre-owned machinery from a reliable source and Ajashy Engineering can boast about providing reliable equipment which are cost effective to the Oil and Gas contractors and help them to save their capital which can be invested in their other projects. The worry of reliability of equipment is taken care by Ajashy Engineering while ready to use equipment without much waiting period in India are supplied. Studying the dynamics of the market and customers’ organisational requirements, Ajashy Engineering keeps on exploring the best options available across the globe to purchase good, cost effective equipment and then carries out conditional repairs before making putting them for sale.  As long as the used equipment is properly maintained, it will hold its value.

While in need of equipment one needs to evaluate exactly how important is speed of delivery to the equation of spending money and period of use. Used equipment if available in good condition and available right away can drastically change the equation and supplier like Ajashy Engineering can add value to purchase of such pre-owned equipment providing support such as on-site commissioning and after sales support.