Internal Hydromechanical Line Up Clamps

Features & Advantages

  1. Ease of operation.
  2. Quick reliable alternative to external line-up clamps.
  3. Fast line up for continuous welding of pipe.
  4. Optimum weight with maximum durability reduces the pipe gang requirements.
  5. One specific wall thickness.
  6. Maximum pressure exerted on pipe due to toggle action.
  7. Heavy-duty jack box puts more line-up pressure on pipe with less operator effort.
  8. Gap is unobstructed for full stringer bead.
  9. Each clamp is machined for the specific pipe inside diameter.
  10. Each product comes with the promise of reliability due to accurate workmanship & Heavy Duty steel construction.
  11. Product includes standard reach rod, hook & hand crank.
  12. Wide range of sizes available as per customer specific requirement.

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